Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebell classes are open to the public. The workouts change focus weekly from Stability, to Mobility, to Strength. This is a great start if you’re new to kettlebell training or you want to test your skills in a group setting. You’ll learn new techniques and take your kettlebell training to the next level!

Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training where you’ll get personal attention in a private studio setting! It’s a complete personal training solution that can help you overcome common obstacles and set you on the right path to achieving better health, a better body, and an overall better quality of life!

Online Training

Our interactive online workout series that consists of our KettleCorps Trainer Certification, our Fundamental Fitness Challenges, and our KC On Demand videos. There’s literally something for everyone in there. Get in shape and challenge yourself with the best in the business!

The KettleCorps Difference

Kettle Corps combines Stability, Mobility, and Strength for the complete fitness solution and can give you a smoother approach to your kettlebell training! We use a dynamic training strategy known as HILIT (pronounced Highlight), which stands for High-Intensity Low-Impact Training. KettleCorps offers you a safe way to train your muscles and joints to perform high intensity exercises in a low impact setting.

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Intimidated about Kettlebells?

Intimidated About Using Kettlebells? – Do you feel hesitant to try kettlebells? Don’t be! We’ve unlocked the code to help you learn and perform with kettlebells safely while getting a great cardio workout. Let us show you the KettleCorps difference!


Hear what our members have to say about KettleCorps! They will give you an in depth look into our community and signature kettlebell program from their own experiences!

See More Testimonials

    review rating 5  If I had to use 1 word to describe my experience here it would be excellent. The studio is very clean and neat. The owners/staff are beyond accommodating, friendly and patient. Found this through Groupon and have to say I thought it was amazing. A very, very intense workout but they are so helpful in the explanation of everything and well, like I said just extremely patient. They truly accommodate every fitness level. The gym, the trainers, the class...just outstanding!

    thumb Julie Cappellano

    review rating 5  Great place to be, warm and welcoming with an emphasis on fundamentals, listening to your body and being safe. I had a challenging workout and a great time. Kettle bell yeah !!! I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants lose weight , get in shape and have fun.

    thumb Ngina Waiyaki

    review rating 5  I came in to try out the first free class and had a great experience. The instructer gave lots of feedback and gave me a thorough introduction to the Kettle Corp style. It’s an effective workout from knowledge instructors- and it’s a local business, not a big box chain. I had a super work out, give this place a try!

    thumb Isabel Hinsch


KettleCorps offers a variety of workshops where we teach different elements of the Smoothstyle techniques so you can learn how to properly perform each move with perfect technique.



Burn Twice the Calories

Burn twice the calories in half the time using our proven KettleCorps workout plans.


Workouts can be used anywhere you can use a kettlebell!


Our certified trainers care about you, your results, and your health journey.

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