1-Week Challenge

This is a one week access pass to our brand new KettleCorps Fitness App, which includes 3 workouts, body stats, and access to our premium content library. This is for someone who wants to try out KettleCorps without the monthly commitment. Try us out for a week and se the KettleCorps difference!

3-Week Challenge

This is a three week access pass to our brand new KettleCorps Fitness App, which includes 3 workouts per week, body stats, and access to our premium content library with the addition of 2-way messaging to communicate with us! This is for someone who wants to try the full experience of KettleCorps for a month.


This is a six week access pass to our brand new KettleCorps Fitness App, which includes workouts, nutrition coaching, meal plans, body stats, and more! This is for someone who wants to lose weight and get in great shape. We walk you through the entire program and make sure we tailor the program to fit your needs.

KettleCorps Fitness App

The KettleCorps Fitness App is our online video library of kettlebell, bodyweight, and nutritional programs. There are endless program options to fit your needs, help you lose weight, tone up, and get in great shape! Try us out for FREE!!!


The KettleCorps Difference

Kettle Corps combines Stability, Mobility, and Strength for the complete fitness solution and can give you a smoother approach to your kettlebell training! We use a dynamic training strategy known as HILIT (pronounced Highlight), which stands for High-Intensity Low-Impact Training. KettleCorps offers you a safe way to train your muscles and joints to perform high intensity exercises in a low impact setting.

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Intimidated about Kettlebells?

Intimidated About Using Kettlebells? – Do you feel hesitant to try kettlebells? Don’t be! We’ve unlocked the code to help you learn and perform with kettlebells safely while getting a great cardio workout. Let us show you the KettleCorps difference!


Hear what our members have to say about KettleCorps! They will give you an in depth look into our community and signature kettlebell program from their own experiences!

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    review rating 5  Jason and John have an awesome gym, program, clean atmosphere and training regimen. I have been to numerous kettle bell gyms and they have put their own spin in a classic exercise. Their three core principals of stability, mobility, and strength is perfect for an athlete looking to increase his/her performance or someone looking to get in shape or build some muscle. I highly recommend this gym for anyone that is serious about fitness.

    thumb Marvin Smith

    review rating 5  I came in to try out the first free class and had a great experience. The instructer gave lots of feedback and gave me a thorough introduction to the Kettle Corp style. It’s an effective workout from knowledge instructors- and it’s a local business, not a big box chain. I had a super work out, give this place a try!

    thumb Isabel Hinsch

    review rating 5  Good jumpstart Program for beginner like me and Competitive workout for experienced.Great energy from instructors Jason and very supportive members. Fat burning, Resistance training moves,Strengthen your core and muscles and Enhances your balance and flexibility. I know all these postive review will make you suspicious but You will end up writing review like me after guaranteed quality work out satisfaction. Support your local business and try the first class for Free. Good luck🍀☘🍀 with your journey of Healthy Mind and fit body ☺ 2018.

    thumb Pam Sidhi


KettleCorps offers a variety of lessons where we teach different elements of the Smoothstyle techniques, nutrition, and general fitness and health tips. Check out some of our Blog posts to learn a little bit more about your health and wellness from the experts at KettleCorps.



Burn Twice the Calories

Burn twice the calories in half the time using our proven KettleCorps workout plans.


Workouts can be used anywhere you can use a kettlebell!


Our certified trainers care about you, your results, and your health journey.

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