Kettlebell Jay

KettleCorps Founder

Jason Hall

Jason has a keen interest in all things health and wellness related and is also a self-proclaimed foodie. He is a master in his craft and always does his research, so if you don’t catch him with a kettlebell in his hands, you may find him enjoying other things like good food with friends!

Jason Hall is a former college and pro football player, Georgia native, and founder of KettleCorps. Jason believes in a systematic approach to health and wellness and that’s what propelled him to succeed throughout the years of his athletic pursuits.

During his playing days, he unfortunately suffered numerous injuries that eventually forced him out of competition. It was at that moment when he experienced the pressure to return quickly from those injuries that pushed him to learn much more about restorative training methods.

Since Jason’s playing days he has set his focus on helping others create healthier and happier lifestyles through his program so that they can too can enjoy the benefits of a complete kettlebell system. KettleCorps has been his way of achieving those goals and Jason couldn’t be more proud of using his knowledge to serve others.