The KC 150 Challenge

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The KC 150 Challenge is a highly-demanding kettlebell fitness challenge. It’s the official strength challenge of KettleCorps and it consists of 150 repetitions divided over 5 different kettlebell moves. This is the standard test used in KettleCorps to determine your strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. The KC 150 Challenge will certainly push you to your absolute limits both mentally and physically. We’ve taught thousands of people of all fitness levels The KC 150 moves and we’ve seen lots of success stories. Don’t take your preparation for this challenge lightly. Work hard and learn the techniques to help you succeed in your KC 150 Challenge!

What You Get with the KC 150 challenge...

  • Over 80 Minutes Of Kettlebell Moves/Education
  • Personal Messaging To Help Keep You Motivated
  • Step-by-Step Guide To Learn The Technique
  • Bodyweight Breakdown To Show Fundamentals
  • Technique Tempo To Work On Proper Form
  • Transitions To Help Effectively Switch Hands

Easy to follow Demos of the technique

Why should I sign up for the KC 150 CHALLENGE...

We’ve partnered with the best in the business to deliver you the BEST quality content using the BEST quality software! Once you go through these trainings, we guarantee you will be able to practice kettlebell training safely with good form and technique. Follow the lessons and work on getting better each day and watch how you completely redefine your fitness routine!  Sign up for your The KC 150 Challenge TODAY!!