Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training (SKBT), created by KettleCorps Founder Jason Hall, is the perfect blend of the 2 most common styles of kettlebell training (Hardstyle and Softstyle). Smoothstyle’s main objective is efficiency of movement and there’s no other style of kettlebell training that better blends strength training along with endurance and flexibility work. Smoothstyle gives you everything you need to be able to train all aspects of your body effectively from head-to-toe. Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training can best be described as aggressive fluidity.


is focused on resistance and strength building. It’s known for being a rigid style of training because of the emphasis put on moving heavy weights with tight form. The ultimate purpose of this style is to maintain total tension as long as possible. That’s the key to lifting heavy weights for a number of repetitions.

Smoothstyle’s main objective is efficiency of movement. It’s known for being an athletic style of training because of the variety of skills needed to be executed with an effortless appearance. There’s equal attention placed on training for tension and relaxation all while being fluid or smooth in your movement. The reason for that is to be able to have enough control over the kettlebell and your body in order to consistently progress. If you can’t perform all the moves with a certain smoothness and grace then you will NEVER have enough control over them to get REAL results!


is the exact opposite of Hardstyle. Softstyle focuses on relaxation and energy conservation. It’s mostly used for endurance training. Total relaxation is the goal of this style and minimal effort should be used to complete each exercise. That’s the key to achieving a high number of repetitions every set.


  • FOCUS: Resistance
  • GOAL: Strength
  • WEIGHT: Heavy
  • FORM: Rigid
  • TEMPO: Fast
  • MAJOR PLAYERS: RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge)


  • FOCUS: Efficiency
  • GOAL: Athleticism
  • WEIGHT: Heavy and Light
  • REPETITIONS: More and Less
  • FORM: Athletic
  • TEMPO: Steady
  • MAJOR PLAYERS: SKBT (Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training)


  • FOCUS: Energy
  • GOAL: Endurance
  • WEIGHT: Light
  • FORM: Relaxed
  • TEMPO: Slow
  • MAJOR PLAYERS: AKC (American Kettlebell Club)