How does it compare to OTHER cross tRAINING pROGRAMS?

We’ve got nothing against other Cross Training programs, we’re just on the different end of the impact spectrum. KettleCorps specializes in ballistic training, but the focus is restoration of the body and its peak fitness levels from the bottom up. As a result, you will reduce exposure to possible injury while training; however, you’ll still enjoy many of the benefits of high intensity workouts.

Will Kettlebells bulk me up?

Absolutely not, at least not with our Smoothstyle kettlebell training.Kettlebells provide an accurate roadmap to build, lengthen, and strengthen your entire body. Kettlebells make your body more efficient. Kettlebells provide both cardio and weight training in one single program.

This effect makes kettlebell workouts ideal for women who want to lose weight, athletes who are currently at their optimal size but want to improve performance, and non-athletes who are not at their optimal size but want to quickly transform their body to an optimal size, while improving stability, mobility, and strength.

Is kettlebell all that you do In Your Program?

Kettlebells are the only tools we employ because they are the best all-around fitness tool in existence; however, we integrate our workouts with yoga, pilates, primal movements, and bodyweight calisthenics.

Do I need to be in-shape to start?

Absolutely not, we believe you should start where you are. With our different levels of training progressions , we’ll help you to progress through basic exercises, and the low impact moves help reduce the risk of injury.

What if i have an injury, can i still TRY kettlecorps?

We always recommend that you speak with your physician first to make sure you’re medically cleared for rehabilitation. However, our KettleCorps programming is designed to build you up with rehabilitation in mind. We offer our clients a Full-Body Fitness approach to rehab, prehab, and performance. When we say start where you are, we mean it! Kettlebells help in the healing of weak and damaged muscles, and the low impact moves will reduce the risk of injury.

WHy do we recommend Barefoot Training?

Almost 30% of ALL bones in the body are located in your feet. They are the ultimate foundation and base of support when it comes to performance. Oftentimes, they’re the only part of our anatomy in-contact with the ground. Your feet are responsible for the transfer of force generated from the ground up throughout the rest of the body. Therefore, special attention must be given to the feet when training so that freedom of movement can be maximized, chance of injury can be minimized, and balance can be maintained throughout movement.