KettleCorps Certified Training Manual

KettleCorps Certified is for trainers, gym owners, and fitness professionals who are ready to learn a complete structure, system, and style of kettlebell training. It’s our online certification that exists to help trainers and fitness professionals stand out from a crowded fitness industry by equipping them with the world’s most complete kettlebell system, Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training. Our mission is to steadily build a movement of kettlebell experts that will use this kettlebell style as a complete training solution to help teach people our Smoothstyle techniques! To do this we will educate, test, and certify fitness professionals all over the globe in the art of Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training. This program is equipped with video instructions and written lessons to teach you how to not only train people, but educate them in the art of fitness.

Course Materials

Kettlebell, Water, Mat (optional)