12 Week – Body Blitz Challenge (BW & KB)


This is the 12 -Week Body Blitz Challenge and its a combo of both the Bodyweight and Kettlebell 6 Week Challenge. You would start with the Bodyweight 6 Weeks first and the the Kettlebell 6 Weeks after to complete your 12 Weeks.

We will help you build a plan from start to finish that covers every day of the 12 week challenge from workouts to nutrition to rest. You will get a nutrition plan specific to your weight, videos of the warmup and workout moves to guide you through the exercises, comprehensive stretch routine to keep you loosen up sore muscles and keep you flexible through the challenge.

You will learn how to eat right, workout properly, and recover safely. You don’t need any equipment for the first 6 Weeks of the challenge. You only need a kettlebell for the second 6 Weeks. Anybody can do this program because we’ve designed it to be performed by anybody based on our beginner, intermediate, and advanced level rep count. Old, young, big, small, injured, healthy, it will benefit you one way or the other! Any move can be modified to help you continue to progress without limitation caused by lack of strength or injury. It’s not about looking like you have a 6 pack or a really muscular shape, you might have lifestyle changes, posture is better, or you’re able to walk up steps without breathing heavy. You will definitely see changes after your first 6 weeks!