OpenCorps is our small group Kettlebell and Bodyweight class that combines Stability, Mobility, and Strength in each workout. It’s the complete fitness solution that can give you a smoother approach to your kettlebell training!

are you tired of?

  • The lack of visible results from your basic gym membership, fitness videos, and extreme diets?
  • Always having to lose weight or drop a few pants sizes to feel comfortable in your clothes?
  • Boring workouts that don’t challenge you and don’t seem to be getting results?
  • Spending hours in the gym but still hitting plateaus in your fitness progression?

OpenCorps Benefits

strength in numbers

With a group of people and a certified KettleCorps trainer, you’ll experience working out like never before! Our facility offers our signature Smoothstyle Kettlebell Training program designed to get you results in a private group setting. The workouts change focus weekly from Stability, to Mobility, to Strength and we incorporate elements of all three into each workout!

During each of your kettlebell classes in Marietta, the class will begin together, work together, and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose working towards a common goal. We also train barefoot to get the full benefit of direct connection to the ground.

customized training

We understand everyone needs a customized approach to fitness and KettleCorps can help you create a roadmap. We will consider your current condition, your specific health and fitness goals, and any special requests for strong results and safe outcomes. KettleCorps will teach you how to participate in kettlebell classes safely for maximum results.

Whether it is through one of our kettlebell classes in Marietta, OneCorps personal training, or our Online Training programs, KettleCorps offers a safe and effective solution for people at all levels of conditioning to look, feel, and perform better than ever!

Feel, look, and perform better than you ever thought

Energize, and maximize your exercise routine

Gain fundamental Stability, Mobility, and Strength