Train your mind, Train your body

On your journey to your ideal body, the number one obstacle to overcome is in your mind.  If you condition your mind first, conditioning your body will be a lot more manageable.  So, how do you prepare mentally for a physical challenge?  It’s simple really, create a vision, find your why, and set goals.


Create a vision 

Create a vision for your ideal health.   Your vision is your finish line or better yet, it’s how you know you have successfully reached your ideal body. What will your body look like when you get there?  Go grab a few fitness magazines then cut out a few pictures of someone with the body you want.  Put them on a vision board, in your journal, or on your mirror so you can see them every day.


Find your why

Finding your why is one of the first steps you take before getting fit. Why do you want this ideal body? What will it do for you?  Why do you really want to get fit?  Does your quality of life depend on it?  Do you want more energy?  Do you want to look better naked or in a bathing suit? Are you experiencing aches and pains?  Does having the ideal body help you to gain something or lose something?


Ready, set goals

Goals are the milestones on the way to your ultimate vision.  Goals are not the finish line but they are achievements that could and should be celebrated.  Each goal you attain helps you to get one step closer to your ultimate vision.

A goal for you could be to lose 10 lbs or it could be to drop two pant sizes.  A goal for you could be to stick to your gym schedule for 1 month with no excuses or to stay away from sugar for 6 months.

By creating a vision, finding your why, and setting achievable goals you can properly prepare your mind for the long road ahead.  Many people stop short of their ultimate destination because they get discouraged along the way.  However, if you know where you’re going, why you’re going there, and are reassured that you are doing the right things to get there, you’ll be much more likely to arrive.

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