The Secret to Weight Loss is…

Are you interested in losing weight? Let me guess, it’s been hard. You’ve tried diet pills, workouts, DVDs, wraps, greens, green tea, smoothies, salad, detoxes and everything else under the sun, only to lose a few pounds. Then for some strange reason, you gain it all back? Yep, we’ve all been through it and so have millions of other Americans.

So, what’s the secret to weight loss? How can all of these people claim that their solution works better than another? How can they all claim that they have the cracked the code to losing weight or should we call “B.S.” on all of them.

The secret to weight loss is that there really is no secret to weight loss.  However, there is a key to weight loss and that key is Calories or more specifically the number of calories you consume (eat) vs the number of calories you burn (via working out).  If you want to keep the weight off, you must keep up this trend.

To put it simply, you’ll only lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume.  The reason you’ll want to use Kettlebell Training to lose weight is because it helps you burn calories at a higher rate than almost any other workout. Kettlebell Training is considered High-Intensity Interval Training but with one caveat, its low impact.  So you get all of the weight loss benefits of CrossFit but none of the same potential for joint injuries if executed properly.

According to ACE, the American Council on Exercise, Kettlebells kick butt when it comes to weight loss and burning calories (Check out the article here). Kettlebell swings burn calories at a rate of 20 calories per minute, the same as running a 6-minute mile!  If you work out with Kettlebells for an hour, the length of a Kettle Corps kettlebell class, you burn at least 1200 calories almost twice rate of other workouts like elliptical, treadmills, or Zumba classes.

In a nutshell, if you pair Kettle Corps with proper diet you’ll lose an amazing amount of weight quickly. And, if you continue to come you’ll keep the weight off.  Don’t get it twisted, weight loss at Kettle Corps is not magic, it takes real sweat, real discipline, and real effort.  However, if you’re ready to put the work in and watch what you eat, we’re ready to help you conquer your weight loss goals faster with lasting results.

Did you know we offer or Marietta member’s weekly meal plans and nutrition coaching as a part of our personal training package?

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