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Kettle Corps Program

Our Kettlebell classes last for approximately 1 hour, and are taught by a Kettle Corps Certified Instructor. Each kettlebell class consists of a dynamic warmup, multiple rounds of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises with water breaks in between rounds, and a cool down period at the end. The classes are structured with efforts to be challenging, and will effectively restore your body. Over time, this will safely build a lean, flexible, and strong body that you will appreciate like never before!

The entire Kettle Corps Program is based upon kettlebell and various bodyweight movements to develop the 3 Fundamental Fitness Skills (Stability, Mobility & Strength). These are the skills in which all forms of physical movement occur. Each week one of these skills becomes the focus of our workouts; each skill rotates weekly in order. Of course, every workout will incorporate elements of all three Fundamental Fitness Skills, however, whichever one is the focus for that particular week will have much more emphasis placed upon it.

Group Kettlebell Classes

All of our classes are mixed in terms of ability. There may be beginners, intermediate, and/or advanced members in each class, however, the weight of the bells used is what separates everyone.  Classes are offered in the mornings, afternoon, and evenings. However, the morning classes are offered by appointment only. Each week a different Fundamental Fitness Skill (stability, mobility, or strength) becomes the focal point of the classes during that particular week, though every workout will contain elements of all three.

Team Training

We also offer full team sports specific training for ALL sports. We will customize a training program to meet the specific needs for each individual team we work with to give you the competitive advantage you desire. Our full team training is second to none because of the dynamic full body workouts every team will complete along with strict attention paid to the details of each technique.

Personal Training

Are you in need of personal training?  For those with very specific goals, we offer private Kettlebell Training Sessions at the time and frequency of your choosing.  One of our trainers, will sit down with you learn your personal goals, map out a plan for that goals achievement, then work with you one on one until you attain it.

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