•   When I first decided to lose weight, I chose to go it alone. After reading every diet and fitness article/study/book I could get my hands on, I managed to drop over 90 pounds before I hit a five-year-long plateau. During that time, I tried home DVDs, machines at the gym, running, juicing, calorie cycling... you name it. I couldn't make any more progress and I couldn't tone up.

    Enter a couple months of working out at Kettle Corps with John, Jason and Clyde. This morning, I weighed in at my ALL TIME low as an adult. Perhaps more importantly though, I feel strong, I feel more confident, and I'm finally over the wall. There is no one-fits-all workout, because the one that will work for you is the one that you'll actually do. That being said, the trainers and other members of Kettle Corps will make you feel welcome and motivate you to keep coming back. They give some personal attention to everyone during group workouts and correct form/technique and offer modifications if needed, which often makes all the difference.

    If you've come a long way and can't quite get to the finish... try this! Or, if you're just getting started, skip all of the crap that doesn't work and come straight here. Kettlebells are a great compliment to running or other forms of cardio that are heavy on the joints, because it's low impact. Also, ladies, don't be afraid to lift heavy... you won't bulk up, but you will see results!

    thumb Lauren K.

      I just spent a week training with Jason while visiting from out of town. I was a total kettlebell newbie, and Jason made me very well supported getting started.

    Jason is a really caring personal trainer -- which I felt personally and observed when I saw him working with other customers of the gym. He'll always give you a personalized "hello" and "goodbye," and he'll also always give you a great full body workout. He knows everyone's state of fitness and fitness goals and customizes the workouts to meet those needs.

    The gym has a really nice community feel and a great schedule. It is still growing and right now is Atlanta's best kept gym secret -- I ended up with a couple of sessions where I was the only student and got a completely personal session.

    Even though I can't be a long term member of the gym, Jason gave me a ton of attention and lots of great skills to take home with me. I'll be sure to work out here next time I am in town.

    Other cool things:
    1. There is a free class on Saturdays for new folks
    2. Cosmic Kettlebell Class (think Cosmic Bowling meets Kettlebell class)
    3. Jason played a few seasons in the NFL!
    4. Jason was born and raised in Marietta - it is a local and family business. His brother John helps run the place, and his other siblings are often around, too.
    5. You get to train with totally beefy football players (and regular non-football people, too).
    6. My 62 year old mom came with me one day, and she liked it, too!
    7. It's fun!

    thumb Leslie B.

      I LOVE this place!! Jason & John are great. I leave tired but feeling great. Both encourage & challenge you and the people that work out with you cheer you on. How great is that?

    thumb Becky P.
  •   A unique and challenging workout.  Definitely not boring.

    thumb Erin C.

      If you're looking for a place to take your fitness level higher, try this place!
    Kettle corps has really transformed my mentality about fitness, myself, and just my goals. I started on a Groupon and now I'm a member.

    The owner/instructor is very involved in each person's progression and meets your intent with guidance. He wants your success to be personal and celebrates your achievements with you.

    Warning, this is not for the faint of ego. Haha Just because you work out does not mean this is for you. This is another level of physical challenge. Be prepared.

    thumb Dena A.

      Just started working out here and I love it!  Great combination of strength, core, pilates, yoga, and primal movements.  Every class is different.  The owners are extremely passionate and encouraging.  They love what they do and it shows.

    thumb Sarah D.
  •   This is a fantastic place to work out. Every workout is a full body workout, building not just strength but improving movement and coordination. there is also a very fun, relaxed group atmosphere which makes the workout a lot more enjoyable. I highly recommend everyone give it a try.

    thumb Casey B.

      Words can not describe the hospitality, knowledge, and dedication of John and Jason. My first day I felt more than welcomed by them and every body that was participating. Every body was extremely friendly, introduced themselves, and was willing to help me when I needed it. It was a pretty diverse group so I didn't feel as if I stuck out like a sore thumb. There was all age groups of people from their 20s to their 60s that we're giving it their all. The class wasn't too big (just the right size) so John and Jason were still able to help me with my form and proper execution of the workouts. John and Jason's workouts are challenging, but to be honest, it was probably the best work out I've ever had in my life. Using the kettle bells the way how they instruct really give you a TOTAL body work out (even those tiny muscles that you didn't even know that you had!). After hopping from gym to gym, class to class (including cross fit), kettle corps definitely goes in my book as one of my favorite gyms and it will definitely not be my last visit! John and Jason know the ins and outs when it comes to what they do, and you can tell that this is their passion. They eat, sleep, and breathe kettle bells. The gym is extremely neat, clean, and has everything in order. They have kettle bells of all sizes and weights so you are guaranteed to find your desired weight. They have tons of foam rollers and yoga mats, which is extremely beneficial and feels great! They are funny, very motivating, and are genuinely nice down to Earth guys.

    thumb Aylisis R.

    review rating 5  I’ve been to 4 classes so far and I am very impressed! The kettle bell workouts are definitely challenging, but super fun! The hour class goes by fast because there’s great energy from the instructors and they are encouraging and warm. This exercise is very safe because the instructors always pay attention and make sure you are in the proper form. I also love that there’s a nice mix of strength and cardio. I always feel sore the day after going to a class, but it’s so worth it! This place is a gem!

    thumb Kelly Ralph

    review rating 5  Good jumpstart Program for beginner like me and Competitive workout for experienced.Great energy from instructors Jason and very supportive members. Fat burning, Resistance training moves,Strengthen your core and muscles and Enhances your balance and flexibility. I know all these postive review will make you suspicious but You will end up writing review like me after guaranteed quality work out satisfaction. Support your local business and try the first class for Free. Good luck🍀☘🍀 with your journey of Healthy Mind and fit body ☺ 2018.

    thumb Pam Sidhi

    review rating 5  I am so glad that I've joined this gym. I feel so great after every workout because it is like no other workout I've ever done before. All you use is the kettle ball and your own body weight--so simple, yet no one day is the same. It's not a "meat-market" and the instructors are really competent, caring, fun and positive. Highly recommend--best full-body workout ever!

    thumb erin enzweiler